Muay Thai Champion Returns to the Ring

He’s Baaaaack!! Elite Sports Physical Therapy (ESPT) is thrilled to see Muay Thai Champion Kevin Ross return to the sport he loves. Kevin recently signed a contract with Lion Fight Promotions and is scheduled to return to the ring on January 25, 2013 for “Lion Fight 8” from inside the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Kevin Ross (aka The Soul Assassin) is an icon for Muay Thai in the U.S. and is recovering from ACL surgery. He is currently ranked 10th in the world by the WBC for Muay Thai in the Super Light Weight Division.

“It gives us great pleasure to we working with individuals of world-class caliber like Kevin,” says Jacon C. Chun, MPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS, ESPT’s Director, and one of the few Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialists in the Bay Area. “But ESPT is not just reserved for these top-notch athletes. Anybody can come receive our first-class service.”

“Kevin’s dedication and commitment to rehabilitation was remarkable. He did everything we asked and more,” raves Chun. “He’s a dream patient to work with because of his dedication to his health and his sport.”

Lion Fight 8 will be broadcast on AXS TV on january 25, 2013. For exact time, please check local listings or visit

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What is Active Release Technique?

Those not familiar with the sports arena, may have noticed the acronym A.R.T. being thrown around by a lot of practitioners, especially chiropractors and orthopedic/sports physical therapy facilities. But what is it and how can it help you?

In this blog entry (I know I haven’t posted in a while), I’ll try to shed some light for you on what this is and how you can benefit from it.

What is A.R.T.?

A.R.T. is a patented soft-tissue movement based massage technique with the goal of breaking down scar tissue and restoring mobility. A.R.T. can be used to treat muscle, tendon, fascia, ligament, and nerves. Most conditions successfully treated by A.R.T. have one thing in common: they are overuse injuries.

What are Overuse Injuries?

In short, overuse injuries occur when the body is not able to accommodate the loads placed on tissue over time. As opposed to acute injuries where significant trauma may occur, overuse injuries build over time due to microtrauma. Microtrauma can be the result of athletic activities, or just the repetitive nature of our daily lives (like spending numerous hours at a computer)

What are some Overuse Conditions?

Some examples of Overuse Conditions that could benefit from A.R.T. are:

  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Jumper’s Knee (Knee Tendinitis)
  • Hamstring Tendinitis
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • And much, much more!!

How Do I Get It?

ESPT is one of the few physical therapy facilities in the Tri-City Area (Fremont, Newark, Union City) that offers A.R.T. Another example of our commitment to keeping up with cutting-edge techniques to make sure you get the care you deserve and the results you want.

Our physical therapist Gigi Yee, DPT, ART, CSCS is not only certified in the A.R.T. technique, she’s completed an Ironman distance triathlon, where A.R.T. is considered paramount in helping some of these athletes achieve their goals.

For more information about A.R.T. or to schedule your treatment session at Elite Sports Physical Therapy, give us a call at 510-656-3777 or check out our website at

Congratulations Miriam – WMC World Champ!

In her first fight in over a year, Miriam Nakamoto captured the WMC World Title over Sandra Bastian this past weekend at the Legends Muay Thai Championship in San Francisco. She’s a testament to the dedication her sports requires with her work ethic and her drive. 

Congratulations Miriam! Great job!!

You can find out more about Miriam’s goals in 2012 by checking out her video interview at Front Row Fights here.

Another MMA Fighter Working With ESPT

Elite Sports Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that we are working with MMA fighter Dominique Robinson, “The Real Fallen Angel.”

Dominique is a young up and coming MMA fighter who’s origins lie in the deep south of Louisiana. He began his training at American Kickboxing Academy under the tutelage of Bob Cook. He left when Frank Shamrock had a falling out with the gym. After splitting with Frank, he began to offer himself up as a training partner for the Cesar Gracie Fight Team.

Currently Domique works with Felipe Martinez on his boxing and calls this 2-Man Band the “Goon Squad.”He is willing to go where he can to seek knowledge and take is MMA fighting the the next level. At the current time, he is the only fighter to have studied under both the Shamrock and Gracie families. Dominique has a career record of 6-4 with 4 TKO’s and 2 Decisions.

We are proud that we can help Dominique continue to pursue his fighting dreams. You too can have access to the elite care that the The Real Fallen Angel receives. For information how, you can check out our website at

Go Sho!!

Elite Sports Physical Therapy (ESPT) is proud to be able to help people continue their pursuits. Whether you are trying to get back to work without pain, or compete at the very highest level athletically, Elite Sports PT is the place to go to help you get there.

In this blog, we want to give a shout out to Sho Nakamori who will be competing at the Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico this week. You can find the schedule here. We wish him and the rest of the US Men’s Gymnastics Team the best. If you want to follow Sho on his journey, not just at the Pan Am Games, but to his ultimate goal, London 2012, you can go to his website at

ESPT is not just reserved for elite athletes though. Anyone can come receive the high quality physical therapy care that our clinicians provide. Spending time with patients is how we separate ourselves from our competition. Combining that with the best and newest equipment and first-class customer service, ESPT provides the best physical therapy in the Tri-City and Tri-Valley with offices in Fremont and Dublin.

To schedule an appointment, visit our website at for details.

World Champion Fighter Chooses ESPT

Another elite athlete has chosen ESPT as their physical therapy provider. World Champion Muay Thai fighter Miriam Nakamoto is coming to Elite Sports Physical Therapy for her rehab needs.

Considered one of the top female strikers in the world, Miriam is versatile in both Muay Thai kickboxing and traditional boxing. She has been involved in the striking arts for over 11 years, and became a professional in 2005. She has a Muay Thai record of 13-0.

Miriam has a host of fighting awards, accolades, and honors to her name. A testament to her skill and her coaching, since she has bested fellow competitors with much more experience. The most recent title she captured was the the coveted WBC World Title on August 21, 2010 in Haikou City, Hainan Island, China. She scored a vicious first round KO over Luxemburg’s Claire High. Haigh was ranked 3rd in the world at the time.

Miriam currently trains out of Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, CA under the tutelage of Coach Kirian Fitzgibbons, head coach of the US National Muay Thai team.

“It’s a great honor and privilege that athletes of Miriam’s caliber choose ESPT,” says Director of Physical Therapy, Jacon C. Chun, MPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS. “I think that speaks volumes about the level of service we provide and how we can meet the needs and expectations of these special patients.”

With one of the only Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialists in the East Bay leading the team, ESPT has facilities in Dublin and Fremont to serve everybody’s physical therapy needs. Whether you’re a world-class competitor or a weekend warrior, if you want quality sports and orthopedic physical therapy in the San Francisco East Bay, there’s only one choice- Elite Sports Physical Therapy.

For more information, feel free to visit our website at

ESPT Director Published In National PT Magazine

ESPT’s Director, Jacon C. Chun, MPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS, had an article published in the most recent issue of ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine. ADVANCE is a national publication for physical therapists highlighting new advances in technology, current trends in rehabilitation, and job openings available for PT’s and PT assistants.

“It was a pleasure working with the ADVANCE editorial staff,” says Jacon, the only Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist in the East Bay. “They made it so easy to share clinical knowledge in their magazine. I hope other PT’s and the public will see how far PT has advanced (no pun intended).”

Physical therapy is no longer just about ultrasound, massage, exercise, and electrical stimulation. A good therapist is not just an “exercise technician” or the extension of an MD. True physical therapists can evaluate and treat any musculoskeletal disorder, using current evidence and theory to support their rationales.

“I get disappointed when I see people come in after receiving ‘physical therapy’ from other clinics,” says Jacon, “What they are getting is so archaic. The profession has come so far it’s sad some clinicians are holding us back.”

The article in ADVANCE highlights new technology that clinicians are using in rehabilitation, specifically an Anti-Gravity Treadmill that helps progressively load patients to help restore their lower extremity strength and normalize gait mechanics. Jacon hopes to bring the first one to the Fremont area later this year.

“Physical therapy in the 21st century is so much more. I hope that everyone gets the chance to experience what good clinicians with cutting-edge technology can do,” states Jacon.

If you want to experience the level of care that professional athletes receive, don’t hesitate to call ESPT for your appointment. With offices in Dublin (925.452.4656) and Fremont (510.656.3777), ESPT is looking forward to serving your rehabilitative needs.

You can read the complete article here

ESPT Supports Olympic Hopefuls!

At Elite Sports Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. And we could receive no greater compliment, than to have people recognize us for the quality of our work. So it gives us great pleasure, to be able to sponsor Sho Nakamori in his quest for London 2012. You can check out his website here.

Few physical therapy clinics in the Fremont or Dublin areas could probably claim they serve this caliber of athlete. This a true testament to ESPT’s commitment to providing the best physical therapy care possible. Nobody combines clinical excellence, first-class customer service, and cutting-edge technology like ESPT.

“I’m very fortunate to have Jacon on my side as I continue about this journey of mine!,” says Sho on his website. And we are very honored to be working with Sho at ESPT.

With one of the few Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialists in the Bay Area available to the public, ESPT should be your #1 choice for sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. “We see patients from as far north as Sacramento and as far south as Carmel. It’s thrilling to have people seek you out because they believe you can help them out,” says Jacon C. Chun, MPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS, ESPT’s Director of Physical Therapy.

For more information about how you too can receive the same level of care that professional athletes and olympians receive, check out our website at With convenient locations in Dublin and Fremont, ESPT is easily accessible for all your sports and orthopedic rehabilitation needs.

TRX Is Here!!

TR Suspension Training is now available at ESPT Fremont and will be coming to ESPT Dublin. Born in the U.S. Navy Seals, TRX Suspension Training is a revolutionary method of leveraged body weight exercise being used by pro athletes and fitness facilities. Easily set up TRX users can safely perform hundreds of exercises that can build power, strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. In addition to training, sports physical therapists are now using TRX to rehab patients and athletes.

TRX is a wonderful tool for all levels of patients. Users can easily adjust the resistance to meet their needs, while challenging muscles in multiple planes. Multi-planar movements are much more functional than standard one plane exercises. The result is more specific training, that is more similar to how we actually use muscles.

Even though TRX weighs less than 2-lbs., it delivers greater performance and functionality than large machines that cost thousands of dollars. As a result, it is seeing great adoption in fitness facilities across the nation. It is available at many Bay Area health clubs, and there is even a TRX specific training facility in San Francisco.

Call us in Fremont at 510.656.3777 to set up your appointment to try the TRX. Coming in the future to our facility in Dublin.

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