What Clients are Saying…

The best therapist ever. He knows what he is doing. I tried various physical therapists, acupuncturist, couple different doctors and even steroid injection for my joint pain… but Jacon nailed it down. After a year of frustration, I looked at Yelp and thanks to many other review, I selected this place and now I am writing this after 3 months… very happy. —H.L.

Alicia my physical therapist was just super sweet, encouraging and gentle, yet firm with her instructions on how I should be exercising and helping myself if I want to get better ASAP. Every appointment I feel like she pushes my knee, but never beyond what I can do, and it’s great to know that she understands my goal of trying to get better sooner, and works with me to get there. —L.T.

Not only does Jacon possess an expert level of depth/breadth of knowledge in helping patients with various injuries, what sets him apart is that he has a sincere long-term interest in the recovery of those he treats. Jacon spends the time to listen to each patient, without the pressure of a clock. —J.P.

Elite’s facilities are clean, orderly, and they are extremely professional in patient relations. They keep well to their patient schedule so that waiting is minimal, but you still get your full time of therapy. They are great teachers, and I continue to do some of the strengthening exercises as part of my routine. —J.H.

His regular Dr. had recommended him to ESPT and started his therapy there. Since then, he can’t stop talking about how the tightness in his neck and back is better than before. Every time he goes for his appointment he’d come home and describe what they had done to him. Since I have an injury myself, he is recommending me to go to ESPT just to try it. With his persuasive attitude towards this place, I think I might just make that appointment soon. —R.P.

I went here after I got my cast off from a broken ankle, and they really helped me restore my balance and muscle tone. I mainly worked with Alicia, and she’s very professional but also easy to talk to and a good listener. She really explained what was going on with my ankle, much better than they did at the doctors office, frankly. I liked that she sketched out ways I could keep elaborating on my exercises after my therapy sessions were complete.  —M.M.

ESPT has worked very hard to earn this 5 STAR rating from someone who has been in and out of physical therapy with a serious knee problem over the past 15 years. If you are worried about who to select… pick ESPT, I’m glad to have found them! They are knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. The facility is clean and very well equipped. The employees are always helpful and continually demonstrate a real interest in individual patient needs. —J.D.

After four years of pain and seeing many different care-providers, ESPT is finally helping me overcome my injuries. I had seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, even Kaiser back specialists, and no one could seem to find a way to help me. Enter Jacon at ESPT… he helped me get back on my feet slowly but surely. I’m still not 100%, but I’m following his plan and I can feel the improvements every passing day. —L. T.

I was very impressed with ESPT as a client. I have been to another physical therapy provider in the past, and was not happy as I have been with the completeness and professionalism that I have had with Elite. They have a clean, well equipped facility, and have always maintained a friendly, knowledgeable, and positive environment. —S. S.

This may well be the most professionally staffed and equipped physical therapy clinic in the Tri-City area. The owner is attentive and knowledgeable, with extensive experience with Olympic-level athletes, as well as non-athletes like myself. —A. H.

ESPT is top-notch. I got exceptional physical therapy from Jacon for a post-surgery knee injury with problematic scar tissue. Jacon’s depth of knowledge/experience/skill is remarkably impressive and extensive, and he sincerely cares about his patients… I am very grateful for the recovery that would not have been possible otherwise. —H. T.

I have been to three other physical therapy places in my 63 years for neck and back issues. This is definitely the best! My PT Gigi was very friendly and professional. Probably ¾ of my time was with her, and the rest was with an aide, who was also quite helpful and knowledgeable. —P. S.

Through observation, testing, and interview, Jacon was able to isolate the underlying muscular weakness and scarring problem and worked patiently with me through targeted strengthening exercises and appropriate physical therapy. Soon, I was able to run with reduced or no pain. A year later, I am still able to run completely painfree as far as I wish. —J. H.

I really enjoyed the complete therapy time with the PT. At other therapy places, I was handed off to assistants or left on my own. Working one-on-one (at ESPT) allowed me to focus on doing each exercise correctly. It was very helpful to know why I was doing each stretch or exercise. This is an excellent clinic to come for knowledgeable and comprehensive treatment. —M. B.

His education and expertise in physical therapy has been very therapeutic for me. I’ve been in and out of PT since the age of 12, and I have made the best progress from the personal program Jacon has developed for me. —S. B.

Jacon was very attentive when I spoke about my symptoms (and everything else!!). He has a very gentle touch. He thoroughly explained all my home exercises. He was very interested in me healing. —E. T.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with someone as competent as Jacon, who helped me in my recovery from emergency surgery, just four months before I was planning to compete in a 3-day endurance event. He took a personal interest in creating the best program to achieve recovery, and had me ready in time for the event, which I easily completed. —L. S.

“Everything was great!! I feel that not only did the excellent therapy help, but that I came away with an increased knowledge of how to keep my shoulders healthy for the long run ahead. I was grateful that Jacon could easily grasp my particular situation and instruct me on how to take care of it and improve it. Thank you both for everything!” —A. P.

The exercises and treatments I did and received have helped me a great deal. I am pain-free for the first time in a long time, and plan to stay that way. This is all because of Jacon. Thank you for everything. —P. R.

I wouldn’t suggest any other therapy place for my ACL other than ESPT!! Everybody is extremely helpful. The therapist pushes you to your limits. He’s not on a written schedule, it’s all about your progress. The one-on-one therapy is just awesome. Sometimes I stayed over 30 minutes after my hour was up. Thank you very much ESPT! —A. S.