Dance Rehabilitation

Elite Sports Physical Therapy is proud to provide another 1st to the Fremont area. True to our motto of being the premier in sports and orthopedic rehabilitative care, ESPT is the 1st clinic in the area to offer true dance rehabilitation.

It’s no surprise that with the grueling practice schedules of today’s dancers/performing artists, acute and overuse injuries to the musculoskeletal system also become more commonplace. And it’s important that the therapist treating these artists fully understand the skills involved and the goals of the performer. And that’s why we at ESPT, have decided to provide this service to Fremont and it’s surrounding communities.

Our physical therapist, Charissa L. Chaban, MPT, ATC, had the privilege of training at the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries in New York. In addition to treating dancers, Charissa herself is a professional ballet dancer in the Oakland Ballet Company. You will not find anyone in Fremont better equipped to treat your dance related injuries.

At ESPT, we also offer the most 1-on-1 time with the physical therapist and we have the only Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist in the area. So if you are looking for a more complete team equipped to address your orthopedic issues, you won’t find one in Fremont. You can check us out at to see why we are the Best in Fremont!

So, what is Dance Therapy? Well at ESPT we offer several unique services specifically tailored to these special “athletes.” You will find a description of each below:

Injury Prevention Screening – This is designed to evaluate the dancer as a whole and to discuss the dancer’s concerns before and injury occurs. After the assessment, the dancer is given an individualize injury prevention program with recommendations regarding technique modification, training strategies, and posture.

Pointe Shoe Readiness Screening- Designed to evaluate the readiness of the dancer with regards to pointe work including core, hip, leg, and ankle strength and ankle/toe flexibility. The dancer will be given an individualized home program tailored to address concerns and maximize pointe work abilities.

Physical Therapy For Dance-Related Injuries- With a doctor’s prescription, the dancer can receive individualized treatment tailored to address pain and to help prevent future injury.

Feel free to contact us at (510) 656-3777 for more details about any of the above offerings. We accept all PPO insurances and have special cash-rates and payment options available.