Services We Can Provide You

Spine Care

Our spinal care aims at maximizing the spine’s stabilizing systems by improving posture, body mechanics, and employing spine protection mechanisms and loading strategies in order to restore your functional mobility. Whether it’s from an acute incident, chronic pain, or a gradual onset – the ESPT team is confident that we can help you regain control of your spinal stability to protect your spine from potentially injurious forces.

Common conditions: acute/chronic cervical/thoracic/lumbar pain, dejenerative/herniated disc, radiculopathy, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, stenosis, whiplash

Pre- and Post-Surgery Therapy

Trust the ESPT team in helping you prepare for surgery and with restoration of your mobility and function after surgery. Pain management, swelling control, and mobility are top initial priorities. When appropriate, we will switch gears to improving your muscle activation patterns, strength and body mechanics to create better movement and body control.

Common surgeries: Rotator cuff reconstruction, ACL reconstruction, Menisectomy, Total Knee/Hip Replacement, Spinal fusion, Bone Fracture fixations

Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Rehabilitation

It is commonly found that poor posture and muscular imbalances contribute to compensatory stresses and improper movement patterns during shoulder and arm use. Our plan of care for treating the upper body consists of improving these impairments to restore your ability to move and use your shoulder/elbow/wrist again. Also, we always provide a comprehensive upper body screening to screen out potential contribution of symptoms from the spine to ensure we identify the likely source of pain.

Common conditions: Rotator cuff tendonitis, Biceps tendonitis, Medial/lateral epicondylitis, wrist sprain

Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot Rehabilitation

The lower extremity complex is meant to express strength and power, have mobility and control, and execute endurance and stamina in order to move your body across great lengths. We assess your lower body mechanics including single leg balance, walking/running (gait) mechanics, and large compound movements including stairs, squat, lunges to evaluate any dysfunctional movement control and patterns. Our plan of care aims at re-training muscle groups and movement patterns to maximize your lower body’s strength and movement potential and improve your loading strategies to reduce stress along the lower extremity chain.

Common conditions: Trochanteric bursitis, patellofemoral syndrome, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis

Sports Rehabilitation/Return to Sport

Our sports rehabilitation program is for the person who only has pain with recreational and sport activities. We can assess your functional movements, isolated and compound strength and stability, loading strategies and sport specific movement to identify the likely contributors to increased pain during sport activity. We understand the athletic mindset and the internal drive and determination to return to sport as quickly as possible.

Common injuries: Throwing/racquet sport injuries; powerlifting-related injuries; contact sport injuries including football, basketball, soccer, martial arts; non-contact injuries including gymnastics, dance

Sports Performance Training/General Fitness Training

Train hard and train smart. Regardless of what your current abilities are, everyone starts as a beginner athlete and needs to learn and develop their skill in order to become the best at what they do. ESPT’s individual and athlete-driven training program is developed utilizing multi-planar, ground based foundational movement patterns as part of our program design – leading to highly transferrable success in sport. If you’re training through injury, trying to get ahead of the competition or just trying to improve your personal best – you want the sports training and expertise of the ESPT team on your side.